H0e/H0n3/H0n2.5 scenic layout


It was a poor country without natural ressources - somewhere on this earth. Fortunately the inhabitants are clever and industrious and they are proud of 3 things: their invention of concrete, the ReFeRe and now their site on Internet.

What they named concrete is a kind of asbestos cement mixing mineral and organic components. This is an all purpose material for road beds, buildings, bridges, walls and rolling stock.

The ReFeRe : "United Railway Networks" was a thriving industrial company. It developed with the linkage and connections of narrow gauge tracks (77,7cm) formerly used for carrying stones, ores, sands and various goods and passengers. At the present time the company's prevailing activities are storage, maintenance, repair, rebuilding and recycling on a great variety of passenger and freight cars, railcars, locomotives, switchers… also tracks and workshops.


The small H0e model here described reproduces a unit of the ReFeRe. It is made up of modules (42 x 80 cm). Flexible track and turnouts (Peco code 55) are 9 mm (N) gauge. Rolling stock is built on N gauge frame, US boxcar chassis and mechanisms from various manufacturers. The whole concept is freely inspired and redesigned.

The material mainly used for the outfit such as the basic substructure of the model, the tracks supporting structures, the buildings and scenery elements, car boxes, etc… is paperboard, a light cheap and easy to work medium which renders accurately the look of concrete. Colors are acrylic resins.

Main features of the show

1. A General Synopsis written at the beginning of the project in 2000

2. Albums : various books of portfolios chronicling the layout of the project with some views on the making and the painting of the carriages.

3. A Glossary.

4. The latest report by a reviewer of TRAINS magazine.

5. A comprehensive survey of the carton/concrete products from a former issue of Ptitrains.

6. A documentary review on agricultural railways in 1921.

* Courtesy of : Director-in-chief of ReFeRe and Webmaster. Alain Fraval.
August 2004

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